the lizrat is little and ,oves really quick like a normal lizard. it eats insect and has a long tounge.  it can dig and it gets it water from the insect that it eats. it can hide from pray by hiding under the sand and in holo logs. I can camoflage to the color of sand.

What we have been going in english

we have been working on persuasive writing. we had to writing one on animals beening caged in got 16/21. hereed animals writing.

Animals shouldn’t be in caged.

Should animals be in cages? Some people think it’s ok  but others think it is not a good idea. I strongly believe that animals shouldn’t be in cages.

Animals shouldn’t be in cages because if they aren’t getting probably cared for they could get really sick or hurt and the owner wouldn’t is terrible and curl how people treat animals.

I think that animals shouldn’t be locked in cages because how would you like living in a small cage with two or three different animals in with you.

Animals in cages live in their own poo and they step in there water and it will become unsanitary to drink their water and live in the cage. The animals could die from the unsanitary living conditions.

For all these reason, animals shouldn’t be  in caged. If you think caging is ok here’s another way to make sure your animals are safe and healthy. Make a high fence so that your animals can’t get out, give them a lots of water and make sure that they get lots of exercise.


Nerve Tester Evaluation

yes my game works as intended because i made sure i i had everything done.

i didn’t put the dc or vans onto my game because i ddn’t think i had enough room.

put more onto it instead of just the Element sign.

i found the easiest thing was soldering it all together.

i also found the most difficult thing was wiring it all together.



my intelligences

I completed a survey which said that my strengths are music and interpersonal.

i agree with this because i thought i would be more musical.

the most interesting thing about myself is that i am not very number smart.